About MAC Marine Claims

No other Delegated Claims Administrator knows the marine market like we do

Our Expertise

Your customers’ claims should be resolved quickly and confidently. But equally, you and they should have a seamless journey concluding with the correct assessment. That’s why we founded MAC Marine Claims Ltd – to put the customer experience first, where it belongs.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, we’re the UK’s only specialist yacht, small craft and Marine Trade DCA. Our work spans the Lloyds of London and domestic markets, assisting MGAs, brokers, syndicates and retail agents nationwide. Since we focus exclusively on marine claims handling, you can be confident you’re giving your customers a prompt and fair settlement. One that’s accurate, transparent, and made for ‘cradle to grave’ support.

What does our claims management software do for you?

By utilising industry-leading claims management software, we offer something totally unique – live access to case files from a digital portal. These build a detailed evidence bank to support everything we do. Documents, emails, case notes, recovery sections… They all exist in a single secure place, at the click of a mouse.

It means you have a clear, consistent view of the assessment’s progress, as well as information to solve any queries down the line. Let us create a monthly report for you, or provide ad hoc MI requests and other custom data lists. This software is yours to shape. Just tell us what you need.

Our people know exactly what’s at stake

MAC Marine Claims Ltd deals with hundreds of claims a year. Yet we never lose our personal touch. It’s brought us to where we are and guarantees precision on every assignment.

Founder Antony Vachell-James has first-hand experience of marine craft. Over the years, he dealt with many of the same risks your clients may be facing. And personally, he felt he wasn’t getting the right support from existing marine claims handlers. Antony wanted to provide a fairer, more rigorous Delegated Claims Administrator service – something that accounted for the market’s true complexities. His business partner, Melissa, added her HR, Operations and Financial skills to the mission.

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